Tour Groups Update

There is still plenty of room on the tours, scheduled for July 11 and August 9.  Below is the RSVP list, please check and make sure that I have you correct.  If you plan on attending and have not RSVP’d yet, please do so to me at and we’ll get you signed up and in!  Remember the limit is 50.

JULY 11th TOUR Number AUGUST 9th TOUR Number
Lindsay Burnham 2 Beverly Nelson 1
Karin Pudenz 3 Shirley Bokusky 1
Brad Zenner 3 Bob & Brenda Hessian 2
Dustin Bowersox 3 Jim & Janet Lassall 2
Sid Hegseth 1 Bill & Marlys Dyste 2
Trent Bernstein 1 Tom Betcher 1
Vern & Margaret Sowada 2 Kathy Erickson 1
Eli Edwards 2 Pam Shulz 2
Patty Biesterfeld 4 Dan Meyer 1 2 Dorothy Peterson 1
Rosemary Mock 2 Ryan Stanzel 2
Dean Osterman 2
27 16

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