The Kids are Alright

TENS WILD in his last race for the Club.  Loose on the lead.

TENS WILD in his last race for the Club. Loose on the lead.

Spent some time with TENS WILD and CITRON KID yesterday and they are both doing okay. TENS especially seems to have come out of the race very well. The KID is taking a bit more time but that could also come from needing some time to become acclimated to his new surroundings. They will go back to the track today to start jogging and gearing up for the next contest.

Coming down to the wire where we narrowly got beat.

Coming down to the wire where we narrowly got beat.

Clay will continue to school TENS in the paddock. It really seemed to pay dividends for him last race as he didn’t appear nervous or washy at all and ran like he was comfortable.

Next up could be as early as next weekend. The plan is to try and not run them together but it could happen. Dr Action will not be running against them next time out at $16,000. There is the very real possibility that one of the two may be dropped to $10,000 to find a bit of an easier spot and see if we can get a win. Should we happen to get him claimed away from us at a lower level but are fortunate to win, we would have made a bit of money and will move on. The $10,000 race is scheduled for Saturday while the $16,000 race is scheduled for Sunday.

If it so happens that we do end up with 2 in the same race, then we will have 2 paddock groups go: one for one horse and one for the other and root for a Club exacta!


15 thoughts on “The Kids are Alright

  1. If they both are entered in the same race will they have to run as an entry (1 & 1A). That would be a first for the Racing Club

    • Yes. And no. They should run as an entry though they can be uncoupled upon permission from the stewards. It doesn’t matter to us but the racing office could ask that they be uncoupled in order to provide another betting interest in a race. It is not our choice either way, though, we will run as we are directed to – separate or together.

      • I thought the laws in Minnesota wouldn’t allow for same owner horses to entered as one entry. I seem to recall some venues, if you there was a 1 and 1A and you bet on one you automatically got the other horse on your ticket too. Or something like. Can you explain this a bit more? I hope this makes sense.

      • The regulation is that horses owned and trained by the same combination need to run as an entry. However, upon permission of the stewards they can run uncoupled as separate wagering interests. For example, while they would run as 1 and 1A as an entry, they would run as 1 and 2 (or whatever post they would draw) as an uncoupled entry. More often than not, entries are run uncoupled to provide more wagering choices. That’s between the racing office and the stewards. We will race as they tell us to, be it coupled or uncoupled.

  2. Look forward to busy Racing Club weekend. How good would it be for Saturday and Sunday races. Hope their races fill and we can get a couple of easy spots and they feel good and they run well!

    • How they feel is going to be a huge factor. As you all know, Clay doesn’t like running back in 2 weeks, but that’s when the races look to be scheduled. Hopefully they’re feeling terrific!

    • The only horses discussed here are the Canterbury Racing Club. The other group is a private group, though its members may be members here. They have their own page dedicated to their group. We are looking for a horse for them since their horse was claimed.

      • When Mr. Lexus ran they were called the Canterbury Racing Club, too. What is the other club’s name?

      • The group name is CAC Racing, LLC. That is how it always been in the form and racing office. Sometimes the track uses Canterbury Racing club signs to reserve a pod in Silks, but that had no bearing on ownership. It’s just easier to have the one sign.

      • Thanks!! I thought I saw Canterbury Racing Club in the program when Mr. Lexus was racing.

  3. Did you ask Clay about the nose strips on Tens Wild? I saw them in Heather’s photos of the race we claimed him out of. Just curious on the equipment change since he hasn’t been wearing them for us. Thanks so much!

  4. What race/time is being considered for Sunday? There is that big Vanswarped tour concert scheduled for Sunday at Canterbury. The last big concert like this in May had over 30,000+ people attend and a big traffic jam resulting in it taking over an hour+ to get to the track and a packed parking lot. Any idea if the crowd Sunday for the concert is expected to be as big?? I want to be able to be there for the race but not if it means sitting on 169 again for over an hour+.

    • The order of races isn’t determined until after the draw on Thursday. Because it’s day racing, a turf race could be the 3rd after the QHs or the nightcap. The racing office determines the order based upon creating the best wagering menu for the public once they know the field sizes of each race and their potential competitiveness. I would assume the Warped Tour would bring in a similarly large crowd as the previous concert.

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