Racing Saturday and Sunday Tour Info

A reminder to the folks signed up for the August 9 (Sunday) tour:

We will meet at the stable gate at 9:00 (please note that this is a half hour earlier than the previous tour). We will go into the admin building to talk about entering horses and what goes on in there before going over to the track and catch the last of morning workouts. We will then head over to the equine pool and then to the barn to visit TENS and the KID.

There is a LOT of walking and it could be hot and dusty so be prepared. Also, the only public rest room facilities are located in the admin building. If you’re bringing your children, please keep an eye on them – the backside can be an unpredictable and dangerous place. Horses have the right of way. Rarely, a horse can get loose and create a very volatile and potentially dangerous situation so please keep an eye out at all times.

CITRON KID will be making his first start for us this Saturday night in a $16,000 claiming race over the turf. The race is the 4th and will go about 7 1/2 furlongs with leading jockey Dean Butler once again on board for the CRC. We have come full circle and the 1st paddock group (Grussing – Nelson) is back in action. I’ll let you know if we have a spot in Silks as soon as I know.

Plenty of good racing on tap Saturday night with four stakes including the Minnesota Oaks and the Minnesota Derby, too!


5 thoughts on “Racing Saturday and Sunday Tour Info

  1. I see Tens Wild beat Gentle as a Breeze his last time out and Gentle is in the race with Citron Kid – Can Citron do what Tens did? I guess we will find out.

    John >

  2. Forgive me for a very stupid question. This is my second year in the racing club…..if Citron wins tomorrow and we get into the winners circle can my wife, kids and I just walk down or do we need to do any registering/checking in beforehand?

    • Good question. Absolutely bring your wife and kids – immediate family is welcome. However I did notice the lasts race that there were many folks that were not Clubbers this year but came into the WC anyway. We REALLY need to limit this or we will have to do something different to limit access. So I’d like to limit it to Clubbers and immediate family. I will address this in a post tomorrow, too.

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