The Kid Back Okay; Tour Two Complete

By the time we got back to the barn last night CITRON KID was in his stall and chowing on his dinner. He seemed to come out of the race just fine and will walk the next few days before heading back to the track.

I talked to Dean between races and he felt really badly that he couldn’t win for us. He said that when he was coming out of the turn he looked like he was getting into some trouble so he tried to angle him away a bit and the KID got startled and panicked a bit. He was able to settle him but by then he’d lost some momentum. He certainly put KID back into a position to take a run down the stretch but his mount was tired.

We’ll look for another one in about 3 weeks for him. Maybe at this level or we may drop him down a rung as well – go and get a win!

We completed the second tour this morning and it went well! Both horses were in a good mood and TENS WILD really was interested in everything going on and visiting with all the people. Thanks to all of you that came out. These tours are always the highlight of my summer and I hope you all had as good a time as I did!


6 thoughts on “The Kid Back Okay; Tour Two Complete

  1. Thanks for the tour this morning!! It was super fun!!! I’ve been in the club a couple of years but this was the first time I could make the tour. Definitely one of the highlights of being in the club!! Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions!

  2. The best thing about the tour today (other than it was just plain awesome and so much fun to share with our granddaughter) was learning the stable environment and vibe seems as healthy as the public face of Canterbury. The area was clean, the folks friendly, it felt safe and nice. Minnesota can be very proud of this enormous asset we all enjoy.

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