Upcoming Racing

Here is the desired schedule. Desired, because you never know if races will fill, but they’re out there and we’re going to enter.

TENS WILD – We’ll be looking to enter him tomorrow for Saturday, August 22.

CITRON KID – He COULD be the Saturday after (August 29). We haven’t decided on his spot yet but it may be a level below last race, which was $16,000. Also over the grass.

As entries come out, we’ll let you know how the draws went. Both horses are doing well and training well. If we’re fortunate, and we still have TENS, we may be able to get one more start at the very end of the meet out of him. Less likely for the KID, though possible if he comes back terrific. But that’s getting way ahead of ourselves!


6 thoughts on “Upcoming Racing

    • He didn’t. I wouldn’t have known in advance though, unless Clay told me. He’s not ours so it really wouldn’t have been appropriate of me to ask.

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