TENS Fourth; CITRON KID in Friday; July Financials

The KID is in Friday night!

We’ll be breaking again from post 8 with Dean Butler aboard. The race is the 3rd and it’ll be going mile and 16th over the turf. The level is $10,000, a step below where we claimed him, but we’re going after a softer group to try and get a win. A win and we build up his confidence a bit and we could move him back up again. A win and a claim and we’ve made money on him.

TENS ran a very hard luck race earlier today. He broke a bit slow and Dean tried to get him to the rail but was ridden out into the middle of the track by the 3 through the first turn and we started down the backside in last place with too much to do. We closed enough to get to 4th ($880)but certainly not where we wanted to be.

We’ll see how he comes back and maybe get one more in him before the end of the meet. If he’s not ready, we may try and fit in a race at Arlington because Hawthorne won’t open until October 2.

The July financial statement is below. Once again we still do not have a vet bill, but that’ll be added once we get one.

This includes no August numbers including today’s purse transaction for TENS, only what is in the books for July.

CRC 2015 Running financials – July 31


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