No Race Friday

It looks like we’ll be waiting for either Hawthorne or Arlington for TENS WILD’s next race. The $20,000 claiming race didn’t fill and was not brought back as an extra for the final day of the meet either. There doesn’t appear to be a race that fits him at all that last day unless we drop him way down (too early for that) or way up (not sure he’d be competitive).

So it will be on to Chicago and see what we can do there.


5 thoughts on “No Race Friday

    • If we go to Chicago to watch the race what do we use to show we are in the Canterbury Racing Club so we can go in the paddock and winners circle if we win?

      • Sorry, there is nothing you can show to get into the paddock at Arlington. You need to be licensed to have access and no one in the Club is licensed – or is eligible to be. Please remember that here at Canterbury it’s our home track and the Club is sponsored by the track. At other venues we have no such privileges or access so we have to pay admission, etc. At Hawthorne there really isn’t a paddock so there is no access for anybody. It’s a little hard to explain but because they run in the winter their paddock is indoors and really only has room for the trainers and grooms to saddle horses.

        You can get into the winners’ circle at Hawthorne for the photo should we be fortunate enough to win, we’ve had people do that before, but I will check on Arlington because I do not know how access is monitored there.

  1. It’s sad we worry about being competitive if we race Ten’s Wild at a higher level. This club isn’t bout making money, which by the agreement we can’t, but rather about having fun and enjoying the experience of watching our horse race and all that entails. If there’s a race on the turf we can enter he should run here. Just my thoughts.

    • Horses try VERY hard every time they run. They give all they have – even if they can’t keep up. Running a horse over their head can break a horse’s spirit and, perhaps, his body, by putting him through more than he can handle. If you look at past Kentucky Derbies, for example, many horses that finish that race as also-rans are never the same. The $35,000 optional claimer would have been considerably over TENS’ head. The choice not to enter the race wasn’t about money but about making a logical decision about the proper placement of the horse and doing right by TENS and his ability.

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