Disappointing for Sure

Well, that didn’t work out like we had hoped. Denny Velazquez certainly had TENS in a position to win the race but he just didn’t go when the time came.

He may have got tired late – it’s been a while since he raced – but Denny didn’t think it was that. We’re going to scope him in case he bled but that may not be the case either.

He he did get knocked around a bit late and he certainly gave up after that, but I don’t think he was going to win from that point anyhow.

We’ll evaluate and then decide what’s next. Most likely we’ll find him a softer spot and try and get that next win.


4 thoughts on “Disappointing for Sure

  1. It was sad. I thought he had a great start and was doing pretty good and staying up with the leaders and then it all unraveled. 😦 Maybe next time???

    • I think so. He came back fine. We scoped him to make sure he didn’t bleed and he was fine. We’re guessing he just came up a bit short after 6 weeks off. We’ll give him some class relied next time and give it another try!

    • Most likely around the 20th or so. It may not be a weekend, though. I’ll be doing a more thorough post shortly since I talked to Clay earlier about TENS with more info.

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