September Financials

Here is the latest financial statement for the Club ending September 2015. Prior to TENS races in October we were at 58% of our initial buy-in, so not bad and it has only gotten better in October! Hopefully we can win one or two more along the way to wrapping this year’s edition up!

I’ll be posting shortly on the details of the 2016 Club but they should vary very little from the 2015 edition with the deadline likely again to be the end of February.

For those of you following along, Dixie Gambler, the new horse in the first Club Alumni group, makes his career debut in the first at Hawthorne today, so best of luck to you all that are a part CAC Racing LLC as well.

CRC 2015 Running financials – September 30


2 thoughts on “September Financials

  1. Ted, did we ever get a final answer on the Illinois owner bonus money on Tens win? Sorry to see the tough results the alumni club had with Dixie gambler. Better luck next time! Will their second runner be targeting a start in the near future?

    Do you think we will possibly get one if not two more starts for Tens before end of the year?

    Hope everyone had a fun and profitable BC weekend.

    • See the new post re: bonus money.

      The Alumni Group lost Dixie Gambler to a claim. Admittedly while that was stunning to both Clay and I, he did finish 4th, beaten 5 1/2 and showed signs that maybe 5F is the limit of his range. Time will tell but the group received considerably more than what they paid for him so that’s never a bad thing.

      The group also sold Kissin Katy prior to her first start and more than doubled their money on her too. She made her fist start last Friday in a MSW and was last, beaten nearly 22 lengths.

      So while it stinks right now being horsesless again, we’ll start shopping again and take solace in the fact that we made money on both of them.

      TENS will get at least two starts (barring a claim) before the end of the year. There is certainly enough time on the calendar for him to get 3 in. However we will be dangling him out there to be claimed since the year is starting to wind down.

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