TENS Doing Well

Tens Wild came back from his race well. He’s been back to the track for about a week and we’ve started looking for his next race which should be in another week to ten days or so.

We would like to come back one more time in the very same spot we just won, but we’ll have to see what comes up. The condition books are a little spotty. A cursory glance shows the next route $12,500 claiming race going a mile and an eighth which may be a bit too long while a $12,500 on the grass going a bit longer may be a bit too far out. But Clay will look at the overnights and see what could fit as well and if we have to adjust to another claiming price we will.

I spoke to the Hawthorne bookkeeper and we did indeed qualify for the Registered Illinois-bred Owner Award which brought us an additional $2,688. Another race/win like that and we’ll be right about where we started this year!

For those of you that missed it but want to order a photo of our boy’s win at Hawthorne, here is the link to Four Footed Fotos website:


You can find the photos on the date of the race and call (425) 391-9193 to order.


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