TENS WILD, 2016 Club and Alumni Group Openings

TENS is doing well. He came out of the race just fine and is back galloping over the track at Hawthorne – though the expected weather there today and tomorrow may limit that a bit! We’ll start looking for his next spot in about a week.

That spot has yet to be determined. As you know, we’re getting close to the end of the year and, by charter, the Club needs to be horse free by the end of the year. We are working on several possible avenues in order to move TENS on but still provide some value for the Cub before our back is against the wall in late December and have to virtually give him away.

2016 CLUB

There is a bit of a delay on the announcement regarding the parameters of the 2016 Club – though I would expect most everything to remain the same – because of the uncertainty facing Chicago racing for the coming year and it affecting our ability to pick up a horse there. As soon as there is some clarity there will be a posting. However, I also don’t see the buy in amount, etc. changing at all either.


There are three individuals in the Alumni group (CAC RACING LLC) that are looking to sell their shares. I cannot price their shares for them but I can tell you that at this point the group has about $28,500 cash on hand, no horse and 32 members. We are, however, currently horse shopping. These folks are moving on for various reasons which you can discuss with them individually.

If you are interested or have any questions, please drop me a line at ted@grevelisracing.com and I will answer them the best I can and also will put you in touch with the three of them and you all can negotiate with them individually.


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