Close On A Winning Note!

Under the rail at the wire.  Photo courtesy FOUR FOOTED FOTOS

Under the rail at the wire. Photo courtesy FOUR FOOTED FOTOS

Congratulations, 2015 Clubbers!

What a great way to end the season. TENS WILD wins going away under very confident handling by Julio Felix. He stalked the longshot through the first turn and down the backside just on his outside flank. When the leader began to tire, Julio let him go and TENS drew off to win by 6 over the muddy track.

Tens was also claimed out of the race for $8,000 by trainer John Haran. It worked out well for the Club. We did have a deal in place to sell Tens for $5,000 after the race but this worked out better for as we got $8,000 for him. He leaves us in good form and sound.

Much thanks to Clay, Juan, our grooms, exercise riders and jockeys for another great year! While we won’t break even, we’re going to be close again! Hopefully we’ll be closed out by 1/15 and let you all know what the roll over for the 2016 Club is going to be.

To order winners’ circle photos from Four Footed Fotos, please go to their website at:


7 thoughts on “Close On A Winning Note!

    • Clay will bill us for December and that usually shows up around the 6 to the tenth of the month. I haven’t seen a vet bill since we’ve been in Chicago so I have to call him on Monday and try and push that along. Then I’ll reconcile our statements from CBY and HAW, bill for my last bill and then we’re done.

  1. Thanks Ted, Clay, Juan, Julio, and everyone else that took care of Tens. What a beautiful gray!!
    Ted – will you post a winning pic?? Thanks Tens for a fun ride this year!!! Good luck on your next adventure. Hopefully, we will see you still winning!

    • I posted the picture I received. If I can get others I will, but win photos should be ordered through the track photographer at Hawthorne, Four Footed Fotos, listed in the post.

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