More TENS Photos

Thanks to Four Footed Fotos for these photos of TENS WILD. All are available for purchase at their website: I do have to let you all know that because the photos are copyrighted it is illegal for commercial printers (Walmart, CVS, Staples, etc) to print these for you.

TENS WILD_Under Rail-2 W-Caption

TENS WILD_Under Rail-1 W-Caption

TENS WILD_Head-On W-Caption

TENS WILD_Finish W-Caption

TENS WILD_Action W-Caption


We should be receiving Clay’s final bill anytime. However I had to call and leave a message with the vet to get us a bill so we can close out. We will talk this weekend about the 2016 Club and how can start to proceed so as not to let the process lag, though I know it is very beneficial to you all to know how much you are getting back and can roll over to the 2016 Club.

As soon as I can close this out, I will. This is the clear downside of racing right until the end of the year but we’ll wrap it up as soon as possible! Thankfully we did get to end on a winning note!


6 thoughts on “More TENS Photos

  1. Ted, you’ve given us another great year — many thanks.
    The downside of all this is that I miss every one of our horses when they leave us for another barn. But the pleasure of watching them do well is pure joy.
    Happy New Year to you & all Club members!
    — Lyn Cowan

  2. Great group of photos. The folks at Hawthorne are great to our group. Nice to hear the shout outs on the track feed.

  3. Ted and Clay (and many others….there are a lot of people that do great work to care for a horse) — thanks for your message and a great year! Very fun, and we did great! Tens was wonderful.

    I hope that anyone that is anxious about the overall settlement appreciates the time Canterbury puts in as well to make this all work. This type of club was quite unique when they started it. Several tracks are copying what CBY started. We are lucky to have Ted that cares enough about MN racing to take this extra burden on.

    And yes…I’m in for next year as well.

  4. I see Clay Brinson is running at Oaklawn Park tomorrow. Is is possible that the 2016 Club would claim a horse or two at the Oaklawn meet? They seem to have nice horses that run well at other tracks. Seems like it would be a good place to look. Their meet runs till mid-April.

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