All Is Well

Kipper Key headed back to the racetrack for light jogging and is doing well.  There were no post race after-affects like we sometimes see: swollen ankle, maybe some stiffness.  All and all everything was solid.

He’ll jog and gallop for the next few weeks to stay fit.  Depending upon whether or not Clay feels like he needs a drill, he may get worked 4 furlongs to keep him sharp.

We are looking to enter him one more time before the end of the meet at Oaklawn, which is April 16.  Canterbury doesn’t start racing again until mid-May so holding him would certainly take an edge off his fitness.  The condition book for the last week of the meet isn’t out yet, so we’re not sure what races are going to be offered but we’d like to bring him back in a $7500 Starter Allowance (a race for horses that have started for $7500 or less and will also be ineligible to be claimed) so as not to risk a claim before we can get him home.  That said, if all we get offered is a $10,000 or $12,500 claiming race then that’s where we’ll have to go and hope for the best.

It’s certainly not the worst thing in the world to have a horse claimed away from you for thousands more than you paid for it, but we really would like to have him for a while first!


3 thoughts on “All Is Well

  1. Great to hear that Kipper Key came back in good shape from his race. I see the new book came out today for Oaklawn. There is a Starter Allowance 6 furlongs for horses that have started for a claiming price of $7500 or less in their last two races. It is on April 14. Looks like it could be a nice spot for him.

  2. Great news! I have been watching replays of all of his races back to August. The good news is that he is often in the money. The bad news is that he has trouble crossing the wire first. His gallop out is nearly always very impressive passing all horses. It makes me think that if we have a choice between a first finish line race or a second finish line race, we might need to see if they offer a third finish line race! He always starts towards the back of the field conserving energy in the first fraction, and in the races that he does best, he seems to make a great move on the turn coming into home. In some fields where he doesn’t find space to make a strong move on the turn, he seems to finish well, but not quite as well. He is an exciting horse to watch. So whatever may come, bring it on!

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