Some Photos

Thanks to Jeff, we have some photos of Kipper Key.  Like every good racetracker, when Jeff goes on vacation he still ends up at a racetrack.  Fortunately for us, part of this year’s vacation was spent at Oaklawn so we have a couple of photos of our boy to show off!

See if you can spot the hidden trainer in the picture on the left…


8 thoughts on “Some Photos

  1. Thanks Jeff for the pics of Kipper Key. It’s nice to see some photos of him. In the head shot I think he has that winning look in his eye!

  2. I am looking back at last year, when the horse was claimed in Chicago… Is there any plan to go to Chicago before bringing Kipper Key to Minnesota? The season starts May 20th. When would he come to MN?

    • No plans to go to Chicago. Clay will ship the barn here at some point between the end of the Oaklawn meet (4/16) and when the barns open her near the end of April.

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