Club Swag

Some Club swag is the brainchild of one of our members.  It is “unofficial” swag, if you will, but a really neat idea for those of you that would like to wear your Club affiliation.

This is a not for profit private endeavor of Ernie’s and I’ll just go ahead and post in his own words and then we can take it from there:

I am gauging interest for an embroidered club hat. 
These would cost $15-$16 each at cost & be elective purchases separate from the racing club investment.

Currently this is a golf-style cap with vented back & sides available in 2 colors.
One with tan front panels & the 2nd has black front panels, each with partial decorative piping & the venting is white. 

They have preformed curved brims & “velcro” closures for sizing.

Attached are the couple of design options. Contact me for more detail if you are interested:
Here are the two designs for the front of the cap.  Both are pretty cool and I’d like to thank Ernie for all the work he put into this!

Again, if you’re interested, please drop him a line and then he will reach out to those of you that are interested and move to the next steps.


5 thoughts on “Club Swag

  1. I don’t want to create a micro-management situation for Ted, fielding all responses with respect to the caps. Therefore, please respond to the email listed very soon if you haven’t spoken up about them.

    Quick update on these:
    The approval run of the embroidery looks quite true to the image presented. The shamrock didn’t get a lot of response & therefore has to be eliminated as a possiblity. Two colors are possible, both look fine. One with black front panels, alternately another with khaki. I am ready to trigger the buy, but would really appreciate a finer handle on the count & color preference. Both have structured front panels (supported with backing vs floppy hats) & are low profile – so you won’t have to tuck your ears under!

  2. I would like one! I would have preferred the shamrock, but both designs look good. I think maybe khaki but as I have not seen it I trust your judgement on whichever looks better.


  3. Hi Peter. I got one response for the shamrock by email (not sure if it was you). No other activity on it, thus its unclear the count but makes the extra cost of a 2nd choice untenable as the cartoon horse got most activity. I’m at a little below breakeven on a cap run based upon email responses right now.

    Re: caps. I am happy to announce: Now that spring is well underway, the “Fargo Special” model with the robust earflaps has fallen out of immediate favor & thus is no long a valid choice.

    The rest are regular caps with structure (similar to the great 2013 Mystic Lake Derby cap’s backing), a hint of decorative piping on the brim. No puffy truckers. Have pre-formed brim. Black or khaki, both should be cool enough with the venting for summer wear. Can be worn brim forward or back. 🙂 All other responses offline via email.

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