K2 Fifth in Debut

Our guy is certainly a closer, but even he left himself too much to do after getting off a step slowly and falling way behind early in yesterday’s race at Oaklawn.

He did close nice and, though I don’t think we could have won the race, I think with a cleaner break we would have got up for 3rd. We spotted the field 11 lengths through the first quarter and he still managed to get with 1/2 length of finishing 3rd.

The 5th place finish banks us $780 which may just pay for the van ride to Canterbury after taking out the $85 for the jockey’s fee.  He will head to Canterbury in about 10 days where we will hopefully prep for a race opening weekend.  There are no races that would fit him that weekend in the condition book so we will have to wait and see what extras get written for Saturday and Sunday.  Ideally another starter allowance going 6 1/2 furlongs would be nice, but a $10,000 claiming race would work just fine as well.

You can look at the chart of the race here: K2 Chart 4-14-16

Club Cap Update

A quick note from Ernie on the state of the caps:.  Please note his email at the bottom.

Thanks for the prompt response by quite a few members. Sorry I didn’t respond to every individual.
Anybody else who wants some, please get back to me by Monday. It looks like $16 each is a lock. Can’t beat that for a custom hat.
I just viewed the approval run of the club cap stitch & they’re looking quite good.
There are multiple color options possible at this writing, black front panels or khaki. Actually both look like keepers!
I want to get these ready for people by opening day & thus it would be nice if I can get a better count of how many people would be interested for an initial run & color, if anyone has not responded but would like to buy one.
It may be possible to run more later if there is a large enough follow up need. I’m trying to do this at cost & as economically as possible so you can apply the savings to making Big Money playing Kipper Key, instead! I’m sure everybody’s all anxious now that there is a runner.
Please realize that if I wing it for quantity of hat colors: 
Whatever is left after the members who have declared, may have to settle for remainders & not have a color option.
It would also help to include a little more contact information, as several came to me as masked emails & didn’t always provide enough contact detail, so that I can track who is accounted for.
If interested: dd8d6143@opayq.com



3 thoughts on “K2 Fifth in Debut

  1. Uh. Strike that comment about making Big Money on K2 this first race. 🙂 NEXT race: $$.

    Tiny bit more: Both HAT colors mocked up nice. Few have relayed a preferred color if that’s a dealbreaker. The black looks best to my eye. Image colors are slightly adjusted for best effect.

    Still not enough Shamrock activity to warrant the extra cost of running that design as well, so don’t expect it for sure.

  2. fwiw: Hats are in. A few have theirs already as of Thursday evening.
    Will be around briefly on Derby Day to place a few wagers & lug a few hats, but have no assigned landing spot. Probably level 2.

    If you’re putting the cash through the SAMs instead – can do Cby opener alternately.
    Exact cash, no checks or betting vouchers pls.

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