Paddock Groups and a Workout

Kipper Key returned to the workout tab this morning, going an easy four furlongs in :49.8 which was the 19th quickest time over the distance out of 36 runners this morning. He was not asked for a ton of speed, just to get rolling and stretch his legs more than he has been able to in order to get ready for the next race. We still do not know if we will make it in opening weekend or not but we will try!

And speaking of the next race…

Now that we are gearing up for opening weekend, it is time to split the group into several paddock groups. In past years I have split up the group and Heather would go ahead and pull them out of a hat to determine the order. This year, when I printed out the list, I didn’t have the paper tray extended and the list spilled everywhere so the order is the order in which I picked them up! While they are still alphabetical, we are not starting with A. Also, the last two groups are a bit of a conglomeration so check closely.

We have 166 people in which means there are roughly 41 in each group. We do allow a single guest. As you can imagine, this could mean a LOT of people in the paddock. I will post later about paddock etiquette and safety but a couple of things here that are obvious. You all are on your honor so please only enter the paddock on your designated days. Also, please confine yourself to a single guest (understandable if your there with a couple of kids but please don’t invite the extended family and neighbors), we want to give everyone the opportunity and still maintain the safety of the paddock whilst also preserving the experience for the other owners as well.

With no further ado, your paddock groups for 2016 are:

Group 1: Feldman – Laborde
Group 2: LaCasse – Ryshavy

The next two are a little tricky:

Group 3: Sande – Severson with Anderson – Collier
Group 4: Connell – Erickson with Sheggeby – Zenner

Just a reminder as well, if you are on Twitter, please follow the Club @cby_racing_club. There are a few things that we get up there while we’re “in the field” that are quick hits like a picture, or first report of a work, etc., that may or may not make it into the blog.

Finally, Heather and I are overwhelmed by your good wishes. The wedding went off without a hitch and we are tremendously thankful for all the kind words.

See you at the track!


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