No Race This Weekend, But Maybe Next

Unfortunately there was nothing for Kipper Key to enter opening weekend.  While he continues to do well, the first race eluded us opening weekend.  There are, however, some possible opportunities next weekend depending upon where Clay thinks we may have a better fit.

While my preference would be a $10,000 claiming 6 1/2 furling race over the main track, there are not any of those in the condition book.  However there are races at a mile and at six furlongs with claiming prices from $5000 to $10,000.  We’ll see where we think he’ll fit best and, if all goes well, we’ll have a race next weekend.

For you information, here is the timetable for when races are drawn here:

  • For race day Thursday – enter on Saturday
  • For race day Friday – enter on Sunday
  • For race day Saturday – enter on Wednesday
  • For race day Sunday – enter on Thursday

The races we are tentatively looking at are Friday night or Saturday afternoon.  I’ll be talking to Clay this weekend and perhaps we will know by Sunday afternoon if/when we K2 makes his local debut!


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