Minnesota License Requirements

For the sake of clarity, in the state of Minnesota you are required to apply for an owner’s license if you own more than 5% of a horse.  Given the Club has a membership of over 150 the fractional ownership percentage of each individual is less than 1%, therefore no licensing is required, nor would anyone be eligible.


1 thought on “Minnesota License Requirements

  1. Some years ago I was part of a group called Borderline Partners. I guess I owned more than 5% of our horse. Bernell Rhone was our trainer for some years. I had to register and pay maybe fifty bucks to have an “owners” license. But that gave me access to the back side whenever I wanted to visit. That privilege was worth the cost of the license to me. I remember several occasions when my wife and I walked through the barn, alone, and at the end of the with stalls on both sides turning around and looking to see maybe fifty horses all extended and looking at us. What a thrill! So there are some neat things about having a license.

    Thanks for the update. I think this will be a good year for all of us!

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