Paddock and Winners’ Circle Protocols

It is certainly starting to get exciting around here with our boy going on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some notes on the paddock as well as, if we are very lucky, the winners’ circle.

The first paddock group is Feldman – Laborde.

The paddock is an exciting place to be before a race but it can also be a very dangerous place. You need to be on the lookout and alert for anything. Some of you may recall a couple of years ago that a horse got loose after dumping his rider and broke through the fencing, only captured several yards into where the crowd would have been moments earlier. Bottom line – be aware and have the ability to get out of the way should something unexpected happen. If you bring your children in, you are responsible for them. They cannot run around or play unattended in the unlikely event that something happens.

We are the 1, so our spot will be right across from where you enter the paddock near the stairs that go down to the jocks room. With everyone and one guest we could have up to 80 people in there. We can be from our number backward, please do not spread out toward #2 and crowd the other owners. We are lucky that to our left there are no spots so we can have a little extra room.

At no time should anyone be on the walking ring once the horses come out of their stalls. Please stay on the grass. If you do not make it to the paddock before the horses are on the walking ring, please do not enter. If we get a spot to watch the races together (like Silks or another location) I will be at that location for Race 1 and we can all go over together. If you’re not there, just meet us over at the paddock after the photo of Race 1 and we’ll all go in together. I’ll post what I know tomorrow when I post the race preview.

In the fortunate event that we are able to get to the winners’ circle this summer we would like to keep the winners’ circle photo to Club Members. Now that we are over 160 members it is too crowded and too dangerous to bring guests in and I do not want members who paid their money, like everyone in the Club, to get shut out. It would not be fair.

That said, as Clubbers we want you all in the picture if we get one! It will be imperative to be quick and be friendly.

By quick I mean should the time come and we win, make your way to the winners’ circle as quickly as possible It is important for the horse to wind down, get to the test barn and get back to the barn so we do not want the horse out on the track circling around waiting for us to all get in.

By friendly I mean that if we are all going to get into the picture we are going to have to get very close together on the risers, maybe even turn a bit sideways to get everyone in. Out of necessity there will be some people on the ground area. I will be there, arms spread wide, begging you all to stay to the one side of me. Behind me is where the horse is going so please don’t try and slip by me, gather together, friendly like, on the other side.

After a race the horse is very high strung and excited and can be hard to handle. They can fire off kicks and strikes without warning and we do NOT want anyone getting hurt. Again, stay alert.

Photos again will be $10 and available a few days after the race directly from the photographer’s office downstairs (take the stair down to the basement next to the nut stand, take a right and follow the signs). We will have some printed up but if there is enough demand there may be a wait. Please be patient, they are very busy on race day.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Winners' Circle photo example

Winners’ Circle photo example


9 thoughts on “Paddock and Winners’ Circle Protocols

    • Just let us know you’re with the Club if you’re not with the group when we walk over. Heather and I will be there by the gate as well.

    • There will be winners’ circle photos available. Please see the second to last paragraph of the post for details.

      I will post an example of that picture shortly.

      • We understand about the Winner’s circle photo. We were wondering if Kipper Key won the race, would there be any photos of him crossing the finish line available?

      • I don’t believe the track photographer sells those separately. Heather and Michelle try and get pictures of the day and those will be posted here but no guarantees of the contents.

  1. We look forward to the race on Saturday. It will be an exciting start to the season. Are there any horses in this weekend that the Club is looking at for a possible 2nd claim? Good luck and see all of you on Saturday. Cheer loud!

    • Nothing for tomorrow night but Clay and I have not talked about anything else over the weekend (and I haven’t looked at the cards beyond tomorrow yet).

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