Second Place and Shopping Again

With a complete absence of speed in Kipper Key’s local debut and only three opponents in the field over a muddy racetrack, our boy did a nice job to close stoutly but still finished a clear second to Red N Black Attack.

K2 picked up $3400 for the win and we also grossed $10,000 on the sale.  Yes, K2 got claimed from us by trainer Valerie Lund.  Admittedly, I was a bit surprised – I really didn’t think we’d get claimed out of this group – but it happens if you don’t have a stakes type horse and it happened to us.

We certainly couldn’t have run him higher to ‘protect’ him, you have to run where you think you have a chance of winning the race.  When you race in claiming company, if you’re not a little bit nervous that you might get claimed then you’re probably running too high!  We ran him where he belonged and we wish him well with the new connections.

Now we will commence the look for a new horse immediately.  We thought we were looking for our second horse but now we’re looking for our ‘stable star’!

Fortunately we made some money on the claim – something that we haven’t been able to do the last few years – so that’s nice.

We will go ahead and get the first financial statement up in the next few days, though obviously missing a few items but it will be nice to see about where we are as we get back to buying!


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