Questions and Answers

With a lull now between horses, this is a good time to reach out and do a little Q&A.  Throw out your questions in the comments section (or you can email them to ted@grevelisracing if you prefer) and then later in the week/this weekend I will go ahead and post the questions and the answers.  After all, the point of this entire experience is to learn about racing and process, so let’s get that party started!

Attached in the next post is the first financial statement of the season. It includes everything that we have so far. It does not include May training or vet care or most other May expenses because those bills have not come in yet. Highlighted in yellow are some miscellaneous items that don’t fit well into a category like body clipping and track imposed fees, so those are detailed at the bottom of the chart. These may generate a few questions as well.


11 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. Do owners ever buy back/claim a horse that was claimed from them? Can they do it in the next claiming race if the price is right or is there a rule against claiming a horse right back?

    • I would assume they will run him here and, if they have him at the end of the meet, go to Turf Paradise with trainer Valerie Lund’s barn.

  2. How does Canterbury as a track compare to other places you race? A softball question of course, but I’m hoping you can give us some perspective. As a “mid-tier” track my sense is that CBY is doing ok and have great owners. Are other tracks drawing the Memorial Day weekend crowds we did?

  3. Why do the financials show the club $2700+ in the hole in January and February when we hadn’t done anything yet?

  4. My wife and I would like to know more about the whole process?
    This is our 1st season as part of the club… The enrollment said special spot to watch the races? We looked in Silks where you guys were supposed to be but didn’t see anything? It also said something about backside tours? When does that happen? I think we figured out which group we are in…

    Thanks in advance for your response!


  5. Re: Financial statement item: Body Clipping? Is that like a hair cut? I don’t remember that on previous horses.

  6. I don’t see anything in the financials for Feed & Boarding. Are those included in one of the other items?

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