Miz Owell Update

We went by to see our girl after racing last night. She seemed a bit tired, but otherwise pretty darn good. Her eyes were nice and bright, no signs of discomfort, and she was up and showed no signs of being uncomfortable.

The barn folks kept an eye on her overnight and this morning and Clay’s last words yesterday afternoon were “I’ll call you in the morning if anything is up. If all is well you won’t hear from me.”

No call. All appears to be clear.

She’ll head back to the track and get back into the swing of things quickly now that she’s feeling back to normal and we’ll try and find the next race. Paddock group 2, you’ll be up again when the time comes!

I’m grateful that she’s doing well and she only had some mild discomfort.

In the next couple of days I will post the RSVP list for Saturday (just in case you thought you did but you didn’t, or I screwed something up!) as well as directions and some guidelines.


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