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Miz Owell is doing well, we just need to find her a new race which could take up to 2 weeks since that is about the time it takes for conditions to come back, but we’re hoping that we might get lucky and get something earlier.

While we wait…we tour!

There is still some room on both tours, but not a lot, so if you haven’t RSVP’s for either July 2 or August 14, please do so ASAP via email at Please see the list below (my apologies if I spelled your name incorrectly whilst I was transcribing) and make sure that you are added correctly. Please just drop me a line if I messed up!

Here are the details:

– We will meet you all at the stable gate at 9:00 AM. While we may wait a couple of minutes, late comers cannot be allowed entry to the backside, so please be prompt. The stable gate is located on Barenscheer (sp) Rd. If you’re approaching Canterbury from 169, go straight through the lights instead of turning left at the light. The backside will be on your left. Take the first left and then the first left again. That is the stable entrance. You can park along the side there or along Barensheer on the grass.

– We will check out the end of morning works, go up to the equine pool, swing by the barn and wind up at the admin building;

– There will be a LOT of walking so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared. The tour will take about 2 hours, perhaps a bit more so be comfortable and dress for the weather;

– If you’re bringing kids, keep a close hold of them. There is a lot of potential for injury and we cannot be responsible for kids wandering off. Which leads to the next point…

– Horses have the right of way at all times. We’ll keep the group close together and make sure that we give the horses a wide berth. There will be a lot of activity this time of the morning and we need to make sure that we stay out of the way.

The tours are always a big highlight of the Club and it looks like Saturday is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Tour Lists

Tour Lists – JULY


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  1. Racing Club hats will be available for pick-up before the tour starts for both those that have signed up for one in advance or have since decided to get one. The price is $16 and exact change is appreciated.

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