2 thoughts on “SCRATCH

    • Sure! Many horses have an inherent preference as to the surface they prefer to run over – some prefer dirt, others over the grass. It is kind of like how some horses relish a wet track and can run really well over the slop while there are others who just don’t run a lick over an off track. Ideally you’ll have one that can do both, but that is not common. When you’ve determined how the horse will perform over the different surfaces you get a feel for what you can do with him/her. Miz Owell’s past has indicated that she would not run well over the dirt, never mind a wet one, so when the race came off the turf, we scratched her. I believe two others scratched out of our race as well. I’m guessing we’ll see them next weekend (we’re hoping to be back next Friday) if all goes well.

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