In Friday: Race 3

Miz Owell will break from post position 1 in the 3rd race Friday night.  Denny Velazquez will be on board in the $7500 claiming contest going a mile and a sixteenth over the turf.

There will be more details to follow later in the week, but she is training well and is showing no ill effects from the tummy ache that sidelined her two weeks ago.  The mile and a sixteenth may be even more to her liking than the 7 1/2 furlongs as well.

Good luck!


5 thoughts on “In Friday: Race 3

  1. Ted – I am a little disappointed on how the club is being handled this year. I thought by now we would have another horse. Mz. Owell will probably get claimed this Friday and then we will be back to ZERO. Why haven’t we got another horse yet? Why are we running Mz. Owell in a $7500 spot instead of trying her higher? Lots of questions and I hope you can satisfy the club people with your answers. Since this is a learning experience I don’t know if we need a better horse ($$$) or what. I know that many people have talked to me and I don’t have any answers.

    • I’m sorry that you and others are disappointed. I am around and walking around every weekend so folks should feel free to stop and ask me anything or drop a question in here where they can get answers.

      Clay and I have been looking for another horse since we got Miz Owell. We had to wait a week or so because Clay didn’t have any stall space but other than that, we’ve checked over probably half a dozen horses since that time – 3 this weekend alone. As you all know, I give Clay veto power over anything that I pick out because his eye is a lot better than mine as is his ear on backside scuttlebutt that would give him a clue as to what may be wrong with a horse. He rejected all three, so we continue to look for something in that 7500 – 16000 range that he can work with. Since we claimed Miz Owell there has only been a single claim between that range. And to reiterate, neither of us like to claim at the bottom because that is where there the soreness and soundness issues tend to lie and that’s when vet bills become extraordinary and racing becomes problematical.

      The reason we are running Miz Owell at $7500 is because that’s the only place we can for at least another 2 weeks. She’s already been off too long between her stomach issue and her race coming off the turf. Ideally we would have liked a $12,500 claiming race but none were written so we had a choice – run her at $7500 and get her on the track or wait until July 24 and hope the $10,000 race filled. If it didn’t, we’d have to wait longer – at which point people would be upset that we weren’t racing.

      It’s a tightrope balancing act but we would rather err on the side of racing than sitting in the barn and hopefully we’ll have a stablemate to go with her (or without her) soon. If she does get claimed, we’ll continue to look for another horse to try and get two in the stable.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me and others. Clay wasn’t expecting us to find 2 horses with a full stable? Interesting. We could have had KK2 and MIZ Owell and then what would have happened? No Miz Owell?

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