Miz Owell Update

Miz Owell will head back to the track and start galloping again tomorrow. She’s been walking since her race and Clay said she’s none the worse for wear except that maybe she was a little tired because of the training time we had to miss with her. That should be straightened out before the next start. To bounce back and run as well as she did so soon after the colicky episode was pretty good on her part.

The new condition book just came out so we’ll be looking at something for her in about a week or 10 days and get her back in.

We’re also looking for another horse to join her. In response to a post in the comment section yesterday, we are relaxing the standards a bit in what we’re looking for in order to widen the net. With that comes increased risk as well, but time isn’t going backwards so we’ll be as careful as well can while relaxing the standards.

While we still most likely will not claim at the bottom, we will be looking at horses with conditions left, knowing that if we can clear the conditions we will most likely need to drop in claiming level. But at that point we would have money in the bank and the hit won’t be too large. I am hopeful that you’ll hear our name announced on a claim this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Miz Owell Update

  1. Can I assume $16,000 is to much for the racing club? Doesn’t look like a lot to choose from to claim a horse this weekend. Maybe in a race tomorrow.

    Didn’t know there was a racing club until last year so this might be a dumb question. Does the club prefer a router to a sprinter? Or is it where ever you can find value?

  2. I have condition book questions. I thought last year they listed the race distance and conditions for each race they had. This year it just says short or long. How do you know what the actual distance is before you enter?

    Also August 18th there is a long turf race under claiming $16,000 or starter $7,500. Is that two potential races or is it you enter both and whichever one fills you get?

    Thank you

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