Vanderboom PPs; Next Race

Below are Vanderboom Ridge’s lifetime past performances. As you can see, he has won on both the turf and dirt and while he has been mostly turf the last several races, he did score a second over the dirt in a race that came off the turf so there is some flexibility.

He came out of his race just fine and adjusted relatively quickly to life in the new barn. The first day or so he was “off his feed” – not eating very well – but by Sunday’s dinner he was eating well and coming right to the stall door when we visited rather than hanging back, so his adjustment period for only really changing barns for the first time (he has gone from Bravo to Morrison – where he started his career for one race – for a single race, so it was only temporary) was normal.

He’s back at the track and we’ll be looking for his next race in about 10-days.

Miz Owell’s race yesterday Saturday not fill yesterday but we will try again today for this Sunday as it was brought back as an extra for Sunday’s racing. It’s a bit surprising that the race didn’t fill considering that these have been filling all year relatively easily but it was close enough that hopefully the extra day will get us the additional entries needed to get the race to go on Sunday.

I would encourage those of you that are on Twitter to follow us @CBY_Racing_Club to get the latest news first. Weeks like this, when I’m in meetings all week long, I can’t get a post easily up but can shoot out a Twitter update on a break quickly.

For those of you that signed up for the completely full (and then some!) August 14 tour, we’re only about 10 days away so keep an eye out next week for a post with all the details.

Vanderboom Ridge Lifetime PPs


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