Miz Owell 4th

Miz Owell finished 4th yesterday in her $7500 claiming race. Denny Velazquez had her right where Clay wanted her to be throughout the race but when the time came to start running she flattened out and she ended up getting just beaten for third.

We’ll see how she came back in a few days and see if there is anything different we can do with her to help make her more competitive.

Vanderboom Ridge is back to the track and is doing well. Clay likes the way he came out of the race and is galloping well. Look for him back in about 10-days or so.

Michelle Benson put together a very cool video w/ Denny’s help: a look at the race from the jock’s perspective. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Miz Owell 4th

  1. Daniel’s Go Pro was an interesting view. The jockeys don’t move much in the race. Even when using the whip. Thanks for trying to get a win!!

  2. Is there a reason Denny isn’t scrubbing on her? Is she out of gas? Her strides didn’t seem to shorten but she just hangs around mid stretch. If you watch Rosier in the race she was claimed out of she does the same thing. She moves to the outside of Emma Lea’s Song and sits there for a couple of strides. Than Rosier starts pushing on her and she blows by. Is she losing focus? That was a tough race to win. Normally the only horse that can catch a tear away leader is the horse running second at 7 1/2 furlongs.

    To follow up on Gavar, he is entered Friday at Prairie Meadows on Friday for $7,500 NW3L 6 furlongs. It would appear they don’t want to ship him to Remington to try the turf.

    • He tried to rouse her, used the crop and she did not have another gear. We’ll know how she came out of it in another day or two and we’ll see if there are any changes that need to be made.

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