Tour in the Books; Next Races

The second tour is in the books with a great turnout on a beautiful day today at Canterbury Park. The weather could not have been more cooperative and Miz Owell was in fine form! She was really feeling good and did some bucking rearing and jumping for everyone. Everyone stayed clear and we let her burn off her exuberance. It was a lot of fun seeing her finally really feeling good again!

Vanderboom Ridge showed us just how unflappable he is when the water truck came steaming through and he never even batted an eye. He loved the attention and was an absolute champ with it all.

Thank you all for coming out and spending you morning with us!

We are looking for races for both horses right now. The hoped for Vanderboom Ridge spot Friday night did not materialize so we’ll wait and try again. With him we can go from $10K – $20K so we’ll be entering and trying to get one to go. The next $7500 on the turf for Miz Owell we are entering. Those usually fill so I would think the next one listed is the one we’ll run in.

Finally, several folks asked about moving into another Alumni type group so, if you are interested, please drop me a line at and we’ll go from there!

Enjoy Fillies Race for Hope Day and good luck with your wagering!


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