Updates and Coffee Talk

Vanderboom seems no worse for wear nearly a week after his effort.  He’s going back to the track and will be galloping for another week or so before we’ll look to find him another race in maybe a bit of a softer spot!

Vanderboom Ridge last week.

Vanderboom Ridge last week.

The search continues to find Miz Owell a home – either to retire from racing or get the rest she needs before returning to the track in the spring.

Look for an invitation in this space for a morning get together on the apron before the end of the meet.  We’ll have some coffee and donuts as well as watch some morning works and generally have a “last hurrah” before the track closes for the season.  If you’re not a Clubber but have been thinking about it, you’re free to come along as well!  We should have the details worked out this weekend and have an announcement the beginning of next week.

Some vet bills came in so we’ll be finalizing the next financial spreadsheet as well and that should be posted this weekend.



1 thought on “Updates and Coffee Talk

  1. How can I obtain a copy of this photo? I want it as a Christmas gift for the current owner, Bryan Brunnell. I would very much appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

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