Coffee, Donuts and Financial Statement

At the bottom you’ll see our latest financial statement. After a few of these, they are pretty self explanatory. That said, you can see the spike in vet charges as we worked on Miz Owell.

Speaking of Miz Owell, she is off the track now and we are looking for a home for her. There has been some interest but no concrete offers yet except for the “if you can’t find her a place, we’ll take her off your hands”, which is fine, but she has value and you should get some value for her. Additionally, I want whoever it is that buys her to have a real interest in her and her well-being. So we are now paying off track rates which helps a lot and, hopefully, we’ll find her a home shortly.

Vanderboom Ridge is doing well and we are looking to enter him as soon as we can. We really think we can get a win out of him before we leave for Chicago. That’s the goal now – get us in the winners’ circle!

We will be having a coffee and donuts get together so we can all get together one more time before the end of the meet. The day will be September 10 and we’ll start around 8:30 AM somewhere along the apron – location to be announced. All Club members are invited as are any folks that have interest in joining us next year. There may even be some alumni group members there are well.

There won’t be much of a formal program though I will talk a little bit about the year, where we are going next and what to look forward to next year as well as answering any questions from folks that may be looking at a larger opportunity in the future.

If you are going to be joining us, please RSVP with a comment below so we can keep track of the numbers. I hope you’ll join us!

CRC 2016 Running financials – JUL


11 thoughts on “Coffee, Donuts and Financial Statement

  1. We’ll be there. We will have racing club hats available for purchase. Glad we had the chance to visit with Mz O on the backside tour before she moved on to her new location. Ted, how does the pricing fees work for off track stabling? Are her activities limited with her ankle issues?

    • It drops to about $30 a day or less than half of the on track charges. I haven’t checked on her daily routine but there is nothing that should limit her from being turned out and enjoying paddock time.

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