Off the Turf Today – Boomer Scratches

Looks like the big draw today will be wiener dogs and not Vanderboom Ridge. The race is coming off the turf and Clay thinks the track will not be to the horse’s liking by this afternoon so it didn’t make sense to run him over a hard or muddy race track – especially after what we saw last time out.

We already know of two other scratches out of that race so we’re hopeful that it gets brought back again so we can still run one more time before the end of the meet.

This most definitely has not been a great year with the scratches, injury, etc. but this isn’t an easy business either. Unfortunately we are experiencing nearly all the tough things racing has to offer in a single summer.

We’ll keep you posted and hope to see many of you on Saturday morning at the coffee and donuts gathering.


2 thoughts on “Off the Turf Today – Boomer Scratches

  1. Please add Bill Corrigan and Curt Snesrud to the list for next Saturday morning. Thanks. Hope that Vanderboom can make it one more time before heading to Chicago..Still time for a trip to the circle of Winners!

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