Miz Owell Sold

Miz Owell was sold late yesterday to head to the breeding shed in New York.  She will be at the same farm where she was foaled herself and where her mother is a broodmare.

We received $1500 for her which, while not spectacular, wasn’t bad all things considered.  We received many inquiries about her over the last two weeks but no offer so we are happy to get her to a good home and put some money back in the account.

We could have waited to try and get a higher price for her but there is a point of diminishing returns: paying for board every day eats into what we would have received for her so at some point it becomes counterproductive to hold out.

Unfortunately this is part of the game and the responsibility is on us, as her last owners, to do all we can to make sure we find her a forever home.  Horses can live for 30-years and to retire from one career at 6-years old leaves a lot of life left to live and I’m really happy that we were able to find her a home relatively quickly.


8 thoughts on “Miz Owell Sold

  1. So pleased you held out for a good home for Miz Owell. Thanks for all of your hard work and caring about the welfare of the horses.

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