Boomer Leaves on Saturday

Vanderboom Ridge will be heading out with the rest of Clay’s horses on Saturday for Chicago. Right now he is galloping over at the training track. Hawthorne opens for training on the 1st so he’ll get walked for a few days once he gets to the track before work will begin in earnest again.

We’ll be looking to go right at ‘am in Chicago and look for wins – as many as we can get to close out the year. It’d be nice to get a strong finish to the season.

Al the paperwork for licensing went out this morning via 2-day so we will be all set in that respect this week.

Finally, attached is the financial spreadsheet for August.



4 thoughts on “Boomer Leaves on Saturday

  1. We went on Friday night the races were full like 15 or so horses in each race on card. Why was this and why do you not see such large fields in June or July?

    • As a contractor and not a track employee, I would hesitate to speculate on the reasons. I can say that a lot of owners and trainers, especially those that really only run here at Canterbury, try to get one more race in before the season wraps which results in a ton of entries closing weekend.

    • As mentioned the track opens for training tomorrow (1st). I guess I didn’t mention that racing begins on October 7. Clay will work him over the track starting tomorrow and we’ll look for a race. As of yet, nothing has been picked out specifically.

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