Try Again Tomorrow

Hawthorne did not use Boomer’s race again.  They did bring it back as an extra for Saturday so we’re going back in tomorrow for Saturday.  Hopefully this time tomorrow we’ll finally have a race lined up.

2 thoughts on “Try Again Tomorrow

  1. Find some other race to get him inQuit being so picky. We need to get him racing. We are spending to much money not to have him race.

    Not good !!!!

    • We are entering. Keep in mind that it is only the 5th racing day of the meet there. It HAS been a while considering when Canterbury closed and the debacle with trying to race the last weekend, but we have entered each day possible for a run of the mill $8K claimer not anything exotic. The race has been drawing 6 entries, for whatever reason, they just won’t use it. We’ll get him in.

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