Boomer Back in Action

Boomer is feeling up to speed and we’re looking to enter him.

As we are nearing the end of the season and need to make sure that he has a new home by the end of the year, we will be dropping him down to the $5000 level – hopefully for this coming weekend.  We need to make sure we make him attractive as a claiming prospect while leaving one more shot at getting it done before the year end.

Stay tuned and hopefully we’ll have an entry in a day or two!


2 thoughts on “Boomer Back in Action

  1. I am not a club member but follow you…and I wonder why you don’t just winter the horse over somewhere cheap and then put him back in training for next year. You would have a rested horse, already paid for. But I know your contract calls for dissolving the partnership at year’s end. But it is kind of sad to see these year end attempts to unload a horse like unwanted leftover discounted merchandise. Maybe a multiple year partnership patter would reduce this. Horse communicators, if they are real,say they pick up on the anxiety horses have over being abandoned so often. they claim they know what is going on.

    • In order for the Club to continue to just be a Club and not another legal entity entirely, the Club must be horseless at the end of the year. If not other, much more complex, legal and tax requirements come into play.

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