Looking Ahead

Although we have not yet started winding down this season, we have started looking ahead to next year.

We do not envision the parameters of the Club changing: the purchase price will still be $250 per person and the Club will run through the duration of 2017.  We will look to close things up by the end of February and be able to start shopping the first week of March.

However, there will be some changes coming in 2017.  We will be looking in several locations for horses so as to try and get to the start of the Canterbury season with 2 horses ready to go.  To this end we will probably use more than one trainer and will be dependent upon how many folks we have signed up for 2017.

We will also be holding at least a pair of live information sessions at the track where folks can come and meet the team – at least those of us at Canterbury year round – ask questions and perhaps mingle with some folks that were in the Club in previous years.

Members will continue to receive free admission for the season, the opportunity to visit our horses on the backside via scheduled tours, special seating areas on race days (providing there is availability), rotating pre-race paddock access on race days and a trip to the elusive winners’ circle if we are so fortunate.

This past year we also held a ‘Breakfast at the Track’ to wind up the season that was very successful so we will be looking at that again – and maybe adding one to the start of the season as well so folks can get to know other Clubbers as we get rolling.

I will save the post mortem on 2016 until we are done but while we can say in terms of winning it was less successful that past years, there certainly was a lot to be learned!

Please continue to watch this space for announcements on the 2017 Club and, as always, you can reach Ted at ted@grevelisracing.com and Jeff at jmaday@canterburypark.com.


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