Boomer Nets Win

In control from start to finish, Vanderboom Ridge gets the Club a winner on the 2nd to last day of 2015.

First off congratulations!  Though we’ve been spoiled the last couple of seasons, we learned this year that winning is hard.  However, we get one and it STILL feels terrific!

If folks are interested in buying winners’ circle photos, you can contact Four Footed Fotos.  Here is their information:

You can find the photos on the date of the race and call (425) 391-9193 to order.

Secondly, Vanderboom has been sold.  He will race again in 2017 and will continue to reside in the Brinson barn but for new ownership.  He was sold for $2000.  I really thought we were better than 50% to get claimed today but unfortunately that did not occur.  As we need to be horseless by the end of the year (tomorrow!) our backs were rather against the wall, but it’s done and I can start closing out 2016.

This is the process from here:

  • Clay will transfer the purchase money to us tomorrow;
  • I will close out the account at Hawthorne and have all the money sent back to Canterbury;
  • We will await Clay’s final bill as well as the final vet bill which, hopefully, will be all settled by the middle of January;
  • The final financials will be posted and folks will have the opportunity to receive a check for their share or roll it over toward the 2017 Club (pricing will be the same – $250 a share).

There will be more details shortly on the 2017 Club, but most details will remain the same.  We are hoping to hold an informational meeting over the next couple of months to answer any questions folks may have in person.

Thank you all so much for being a part of the 2016 Club and congratulations on the win!!


Race Preview: 2016 Finale

We head into the final days of 2016 still trying to get that first win on the season.  Boomer comes into the $4000 claiming race (with non-winner conditions) as the 9/5 morning line favorite but the race is far from a lock.  Here is a look at the field:

Jesuit Warrior (Cornwell/Molina) – Has some speed and the rail.  Battled our boy early in the last race only to fall off the pace late.  Moving inside and a 1/2 furlong less should help him out here.

Roarin Missile (Perez/Sanchez) – Scratched as the favorite out of our last race but the same analysis applies: Will be coming late and should be dangerous as there may be enough speed to open things up.

Dexterous (Booker/Montalvo) – Showed speed at Fairmount but was run off his hooves last out here at Hawthorne after a very long layoff and a bad break.  Been off six weeks after that one but with a clean break could have some say in the pace scenario.

Spectacular Act (Slager/Santiago) – Third race in three weeks after a ling break.  Even with the freshening, that’s an awful lot to ask.

Lights on Brite (Perez/Ulloa) – A relatively steady sort, may be able to hit the board late.  Has shown speed in some races but, when prominent, hasn’t been able to finish.


Strategic Game (Walker/Sanjur) – Will be starting wide again but certainly has the speed to mix things up in front.

Papasote (Mosier/Bielby) – Broke well in the last versus Boomer but hit a wall when they hit the lane.  Second after a layoff should help the stamina as should the shortening to six furlongs.

Boomer does tend to beak well but does not need the lead to finish.  In fact, if we can relax early and either A) have a lone lead (unlikely) and control the race or B) sit a length or two off the early pace and make a move heading into the lane (more likely) we could very well be in line for the first win of the season.

Good luck to all and safe travels for Boomer and Julio!

Hawthorne’s Analysis

Here is the analysis from the folks at Hawthorne on Boomer’s race tomorrow.  Look for a post later today for our overview:


2-ROARIN MISSILE won only one of his last 20 races but he should end that streak right here. He’s in what appears to be his easiest field ever. There is plenty of speed to set up for the late move that he’s been showing lately.

6-VANDERBOOM RIDGE just finished second as the odds-on favorite. He is one of many with speed but, at this distance he could put the rest away and finish with something left.

1-JESUIT WARRIOR has been running well against similar. Has speed and the rail. Might slip to the early lead and hold the rest of them safe.


1st – #6 – Vanderboom Ridge (Presser) – Looks to be a good amount of pace in this spot. If he can settle he should be able to rally in time.

2nd – #1 – Jesuit Warrior (Presser) – Another that merits a look. Helped if rail is better than it was last week.

3rd – #2 – Roarin Missile (Stalker) – Often finds the board here at Hawthorne. Only 2 wins in 40 starts over the track.

One. Last. Try.

Vanderboom Ridge came out of the last race in really nice shape so we are going to go ahead and give him one more try before the end of the year.

The race is the 4th on Friday, another $4000 claiming race going 6 furlongs over the main track.  Julio Felix is back in the irons and he is breaking from post position 6.  Whether he is claimed or not, Boomer will move on after the race and we will go ahead and start working on closing out 2016 and opening up 2017!

Good luck everyone and let’s get one before the season closes!!

Boomer Doing Great

Vanderboom Ridge came out of his second place finish last week in very good shape.  There is an individual looking to buy him and we are in the process of making a deal with him.  He may purchase Boomer in the next day or so or wait and we may run him again just before the new year in the exact same spot as last week and he will buy him after that.  He has to decide shortly, however, because we are not going to pay for two weeks of training for him to run Boomer.  He wants to run him, he can pay for him now or wait.  The good news is, however, that he came out of the race in great shape and we have a solid outlet for him.

Unless he, of course gets claimed.

Maybe we can get that elusive win after all?

Boomer 2nd

Vanderboom Ridge seized the lead heading through the turn yesterday at Hawthorne, wore down Jesuit Warrior but was unable to hold off the charge of eventual winner Happy Moro.  Boomer finished 2nd and picked up a check for $1560 for the effort.

We will see how he came out the race over the next couple of days and then determine his future.  He’s a pretty sound bugger and certainly could continue a racing career and could be sold to that end.  He also good natured and nice to be around and could be a good pleasure horse when his racing days are done.  We’ve already had some interest in him so we will do what is best for the horse while maintaining our fiduciary responsibility to the Club.

Race Preview

As of 9 AM CT, Hawthorne will be trying to get today’s card in despite the approaching snow storm.  It is not likely to hit until later this afternoon there so there is probably hope that they can get the card finished before the snow gets too heavy.  Our race is scheduled for 2:25 CT and the snow is supposed to start falling there around 3. We will be keeping an eye and will tweet out any update (@cby_racing_club) should there be any changes.

Duke of York (Gross/Staley) – The Duke has been running at the bottom and has lost by double digit lengths in each of the last 4 starts.

Papasote (Mosier/Bielby) – First back in about six weeks.  Horse was competitive at Fairmount at $3200 but having it’s issues up north.  Occasionally showing flashes of early speed.


Happy Moro (Martinez/Hernandez) – A trio of consecutive 4thg place finishes at or around this level, last out behind several in here today.

Jesuit Warrior (Cornwell/Molina) – Has shown some early speed and was sharp out first off the layoff.

Spectacular Act (Stager/Santiago) – Has been less than his name would indicate really getting routed at every turn this season.

Johar Irish (McEwen/Meza) -Was third last out, improving off his first local effort coming from off the pace, but has shown flexibility in his approach to the races.

Roarin Missile (Perez/Sanchez) – the 2-1 morning line favorite will be coming off the pace.  He just hasn’t been able to get there at $5000 and now that he drops a bit, he’ll be very dangerous late.

Nafir’s Best (Hammond/Lopez) – Another with some mild success at Fairmount but struggled since coming up north, though he does own a previous win at Hawthorne.

I always try and figure out a way that we can win and thusfar this season that has really eluded us no matter how I try and dope it out.  In this race it’s pretty simple: we should be prominent early and if top jock Julio Felix can get Boomer to relax and out of a speed duel, we win if we hold off Roarin Missile late.

Should there not be a claim to our big boy, we will be contacting a few folks that have expressed some interest in buying him and getting him off the books and on to 2017!

Good luck everybody!

Hawthorne Selections

Here are the expert selections from Hawthorne for today’s action.

Ron Uchman

3-VANDERBOOM RIDGE should earn his first win of the year. He’s dropping in class and turning back in distance. He\’s never been much of a sprinter but, with the way he\’s been running, the turn back makes sense.

8-ROARIN MISSILE has been in good form while meeting a bit better. He just missed in his last at this distance. With the drop in class he could run by them all.

9-NAFIR\’S BEST hasn\’t been in the best of form but he did win, almost exactly a year ago, the last time he raced at this level and distance. Could awaken.

Jim Miller

1st – #8 – Roarin Missile (Speed) – I think he needs to be put on the lead in this spot. If he is, he has the ability to wire this field.

2nd – #3 – Vanderboom Ridge (Stalker) – Shortens up today but figures to be worth a look. Makes second start off the layoff and gets better post draw in here.

3rd – #5 – Jesuit Warrior (Presser) – This is the other one that I expect we see some pace from. Battled gamely in his last.

As of this moment, racing is still scheduled for Hawthorne today with first post at 12:55 CT and our race at approximately 2:25 PM.

In Friday, but…

In what can only be described as “fitting” for this season, our race on Thursday was cancelled along with the rest of the card at Hawthorne due to bitterly cold weather.  We are back in for Friday BUT…snow is on the way.

Here are the details in the hope that we can get racing in before the snow come.

Boomer is in race 4, post 4.  The race is going 6 1/2 furlongs over the main track (probably a 1/2 furlong less than we would like but hopefully enough) with Julio Felix aboard.  The conditions are $4000 claiming that haven’t won 2 races in the past two years or a race since last December 15.

Look for the breakdown (and weather updates!) Saturday morning.

Good luck!

Boomer Stumbles, Fades; Maybe One More

The gates opened and Vanderboom Ridge went to his knees.  Denny Velazquez was able to gather him up and then hustle him toward the front but that was all she wrote right there – the effort expended to get into position combined with the race going a 16th more than he probably wants to go was enough to doom us and Boomer was in good position but faded in the stretch to finish fifth.

He did not get claimed in the race so we have started the process for looking for his new home.  We want to make sure that he has a good landing spot for him.  He came out of the race in good shape so it’s not inconceivable that he can go somewhere to race in 2017.

In the interim we are pointing to perhaps one more race on December 15th at Hawthorne.  That would, of course, depend upon whether we still own him or not.  It will be at the bottom going a mile and 70 yards with the hope that against the weaker he can hang on for another 70 yards.