Boomer Stumbles, Fades; Maybe One More

The gates opened and Vanderboom Ridge went to his knees.  Denny Velazquez was able to gather him up and then hustle him toward the front but that was all she wrote right there – the effort expended to get into position combined with the race going a 16th more than he probably wants to go was enough to doom us and Boomer was in good position but faded in the stretch to finish fifth.

He did not get claimed in the race so we have started the process for looking for his new home.  We want to make sure that he has a good landing spot for him.  He came out of the race in good shape so it’s not inconceivable that he can go somewhere to race in 2017.

In the interim we are pointing to perhaps one more race on December 15th at Hawthorne.  That would, of course, depend upon whether we still own him or not.  It will be at the bottom going a mile and 70 yards with the hope that against the weaker he can hang on for another 70 yards.


4 thoughts on “Boomer Stumbles, Fades; Maybe One More

  1. OK, So obviously not a horse trainer here, but why does Vanderboom keep running at a mile or longer and not finishing? What makes a horse suited for longer distance? Would you ever bring a horse back to 6 furlongs?

    • His best distance is probably 7 – 7.5 furlongs. You certainly can bring a horse back to six but you’d have to see some early speed – not so much that he likes running in front (some horses just don’t like being behind other horses, even going a mile or more), but that he can do so with alacrity and putting up fractions that make you think he’d relish the shorter distance. That’s not something that anyone has ever seen out of him. He has run in one sprint in his life, 5.5F early on, and he was just awful. He also has a long body which translates into a longer stride. Many times those larger horses can’t get that stride turned over quickly enough to be successful sprinting but take a little while longer to get into the race flow making them better suited for longer distances.

    • Due to the extreme weather, racing has been cancelled at HAW this week. We drew in for Thursday but the Hawthorne website announced that racing has already been cancelled for tomorrow.

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