Race Preview

As of 9 AM CT, Hawthorne will be trying to get today’s card in despite the approaching snow storm.  It is not likely to hit until later this afternoon there so there is probably hope that they can get the card finished before the snow gets too heavy.  Our race is scheduled for 2:25 CT and the snow is supposed to start falling there around 3. We will be keeping an eye and will tweet out any update (@cby_racing_club) should there be any changes.

Duke of York (Gross/Staley) – The Duke has been running at the bottom and has lost by double digit lengths in each of the last 4 starts.

Papasote (Mosier/Bielby) – First back in about six weeks.  Horse was competitive at Fairmount at $3200 but having it’s issues up north.  Occasionally showing flashes of early speed.


Happy Moro (Martinez/Hernandez) – A trio of consecutive 4thg place finishes at or around this level, last out behind several in here today.

Jesuit Warrior (Cornwell/Molina) – Has shown some early speed and was sharp out first off the layoff.

Spectacular Act (Stager/Santiago) – Has been less than his name would indicate really getting routed at every turn this season.

Johar Irish (McEwen/Meza) -Was third last out, improving off his first local effort coming from off the pace, but has shown flexibility in his approach to the races.

Roarin Missile (Perez/Sanchez) – the 2-1 morning line favorite will be coming off the pace.  He just hasn’t been able to get there at $5000 and now that he drops a bit, he’ll be very dangerous late.

Nafir’s Best (Hammond/Lopez) – Another with some mild success at Fairmount but struggled since coming up north, though he does own a previous win at Hawthorne.

I always try and figure out a way that we can win and thusfar this season that has really eluded us no matter how I try and dope it out.  In this race it’s pretty simple: we should be prominent early and if top jock Julio Felix can get Boomer to relax and out of a speed duel, we win if we hold off Roarin Missile late.

Should there not be a claim to our big boy, we will be contacting a few folks that have expressed some interest in buying him and getting him off the books and on to 2017!

Good luck everybody!


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