Hawthorne’s Analysis

Here is the analysis from the folks at Hawthorne on Boomer’s race tomorrow.  Look for a post later today for our overview:


2-ROARIN MISSILE won only one of his last 20 races but he should end that streak right here. He’s in what appears to be his easiest field ever. There is plenty of speed to set up for the late move that he’s been showing lately.

6-VANDERBOOM RIDGE just finished second as the odds-on favorite. He is one of many with speed but, at this distance he could put the rest away and finish with something left.

1-JESUIT WARRIOR has been running well against similar. Has speed and the rail. Might slip to the early lead and hold the rest of them safe.


1st – #6 – Vanderboom Ridge (Presser) – Looks to be a good amount of pace in this spot. If he can settle he should be able to rally in time.

2nd – #1 – Jesuit Warrior (Presser) – Another that merits a look. Helped if rail is better than it was last week.

3rd – #2 – Roarin Missile (Stalker) – Often finds the board here at Hawthorne. Only 2 wins in 40 starts over the track.


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