Boomer Nets Win

In control from start to finish, Vanderboom Ridge gets the Club a winner on the 2nd to last day of 2015.

First off congratulations!  Though we’ve been spoiled the last couple of seasons, we learned this year that winning is hard.  However, we get one and it STILL feels terrific!

If folks are interested in buying winners’ circle photos, you can contact Four Footed Fotos.  Here is their information:

You can find the photos on the date of the race and call (425) 391-9193 to order.

Secondly, Vanderboom has been sold.  He will race again in 2017 and will continue to reside in the Brinson barn but for new ownership.  He was sold for $2000.  I really thought we were better than 50% to get claimed today but unfortunately that did not occur.  As we need to be horseless by the end of the year (tomorrow!) our backs were rather against the wall, but it’s done and I can start closing out 2016.

This is the process from here:

  • Clay will transfer the purchase money to us tomorrow;
  • I will close out the account at Hawthorne and have all the money sent back to Canterbury;
  • We will await Clay’s final bill as well as the final vet bill which, hopefully, will be all settled by the middle of January;
  • The final financials will be posted and folks will have the opportunity to receive a check for their share or roll it over toward the 2017 Club (pricing will be the same – $250 a share).

There will be more details shortly on the 2017 Club, but most details will remain the same.  We are hoping to hold an informational meeting over the next couple of months to answer any questions folks may have in person.

Thank you all so much for being a part of the 2016 Club and congratulations on the win!!


7 thoughts on “Boomer Nets Win

  1. Great to see that win! Nice to have a wire to wire performance. Can’t wait for the 2017 Club. With the new Canterbury racing dates we will hopefully start in early May with 2 to run.

  2. Good work, Boomer! And many thanks to his groom (sorry, I don’t know the name!), to Clay, to Ted — no Breeders’ Cup, but it was exciting every time he stepped into the gate. Maybe next year — why not? 🙂

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