2017 Rollover Form Now Available

We finally have it done!  The last vet bill came in yesterday and we finalized everything overnight and this morning and the results are attached.

For 2016 members the Club is returning $42.93 to each member.  That means to renew for 2017 you would fill out the attached form along with a check or credit card for $207.07.  Should you wish to not renew for 2017, please let either Jeff (jmaday@canterburypark.com) or I (ted@grevelisracing.com) know and you will receive a check in the mail.

Attached are both the rollover form and the final financial spreadsheet. Once again, while not the most financially lucrative year we have ever had but we certainly learned an awful lot and, hopefully, had some fun along the way!

I hope that we see many, if not all, of you this summer as we start another journey together. Please have your renewals in by February 28, 2017. THANK YOU!




5 thoughts on “2017 Rollover Form Now Available

  1. I did not see anything about the sale of Miz Owell in the financials. Did I miss something? I thought we recieved $1500 for her.

    • We did. Which means that I missed something in the audit because the final number is the final number. It stays in account here at the track. Admittedly I rushed through to get it done so everyone would have enough time to renew. I only went back a couple of months but will getvthe entire account and go through it. But the final total wil not change.

  2. We are looking forward to a new year for the Racing Club. The check is in the mail. Our future claims are just now beginning to get fit and just waiting for us to claim him or her and head across the finish line multiple times for The Canterbury Racing Club version 2017!

  3. Why are we required to pay so much, when we don’t get any input on policy decisions? Last year was not fun for the group, and we had no meaningful experience. This is because the same couple of people insist on a two-horse system, against the wishes of many of us who want to purchase one good horse instead of 2 ho-hum horses.  I think if you want people’s money, you need to listen to what THEY want, too.

    I can’t give over $200 to people who have no accountability. The club is a nice idea, if there is some accountability for how the money is spent. If accountability is added, I would consider staying. I don’t mind a small shortfall, but someone who causes me to lose most of what I put in, can’t expect me to keep doing it without some changes. 

    Also, an inaccurate audit is unacceptable.

    • I’ll take the last and leave the rest for another response: I agree and it was my error alone. I rushed it to get 2017 open for renewal and I missed something, though the final number is correct.

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