Some Facts and Figures


Some of you may be aware of Jim Bastyr, a long time Clubber and Canterbury Park employee, but aside from being a passionate racing fan and a heckuva good guy he is the official unofficial Club historian/statistician.

Below are a couple of documents Jim created.  One is a PDF of the results charts for all the Club races this season.  The other is a color coded breakdown of every club season sine inception.  The latter is a fascinating document out lining all the starts and highlighting the “best” – highest payoff ($12.00), highest purse ($13,000) etc.  It also breaks down the stats at the various tracks we’ve run at over time.

Some observations on my part:

  • Boy do we wager!  The $12 win was the largest payoff by far. The next highest was $7.20.  We certainly love to back our charges!
  • The Club’s lifetime winning percentage of over 30% is incredible.  Keep in mind that that stat took a bit of a hit this season with only 1 win.  That kind of winning percentage is unheard of.  I hope we get back to that average this coming season!
  • We crush at Hawthorne (60% winners as opposed to 21.2% at CBY – which is still pretty darn good!).  I think this is attributable to the time of year we run there.  We’re more aggressive in our placements there because we need to get the horse out of the stable before the end of the year so we’ll place the horse a level – maybe even two or three – below where we would normally run that type of horse.

All the credit goes to Clay Brinson, Tammy Domenosky and the other trainers, their staffs and the riders for making the winning possible and taking great care of the Club horses.

Enjoy the docs and look forward to working with you all this season!




3 thoughts on “Some Facts and Figures

  1. The spreadsheet document was fascinating to see. Being a member of the 2009 and the 2012 clubs, and an ongoing and ardent follower, the document was a great way to review and even reminisce a little.
    There are indeed many, many thank yous to all who have helped to make this club an ongoing reality, from the licence holders and trainers to the riders and the grooms, to you and Jeff,and many more. A big thank you goes to Canterbury Park management for both their willingness to give full support to get it up and going, giving admission passes, and to being such accommodating hosts, year after year.
    Best of luck for the 2017 group!

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