Some Brilliant Belle Info

Brilliant Belle came back to the barn and cooled out well. She’s adjusting and, as a young filly having been in 3 barns in a month, she’s a little wary. That will pass as she gets used to her new home and surroundings. As you can see from the head shot below, she’s got a very pretty face. Hopefully she stays on the improve and Nevada can move her forward.

Below are her lifetime Past Performances as well as her pedigree for those that are interested. I know I’m getting older when I see horses like Turkoman and Gulch back in the 5th generation now!

Since we have so many new members this year, I want to throw out there that the Club does have an official Twitter account: @CBY_Racing_Club. There are many times that I will get news or photos when I am away from a computer and will just go ahead and tweet it out first and follow up when I have an opportunity later, so feel free to follow and get “breaking news as it happens!”

Brilliant Belle Pedigree

Brilliant Belle Lifetime PPs


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