Belle Doing Well

Belle has settled into the Litfin barn and is doing well.  She was wormed, had a pedicure (her feet trimmed and reshod) and had her teeth floated.

Two VERY important things on a race horse: feet and teeth.  Without good teeth the horse doesn’t eat correctly and deprives the horse of being able to eat all its grain with any added vitamins and supplements that are provided.  And, naturally, the feet are the building blocks of speed.  Bad feet, bad horse.

The next step for her will be to see if there is a race that fits her the next couple of weekends there at Oaklawn.  It’s a bit of a dance with the Club horse because we really want to come to Canterbury ready to run from the beginning of the meet.  The other side of that coin is that running for $25,000 for a claiming horse is pretty nice and she could probably make a solid run at top money there.  If we can find a spot where she can be both competitive and perhaps not attractive for a claim, we’ll give her a go.

We are still looking for horse #2 out of Chicago with Clay Brinson.  Thus far the prospects have not been too terrific, but we will continue to look to see if we can start the local season off with a pair ready to go.

Speaking off starting the local season, keep your eyes on this space as well since we are looking to find a good time once the backside opens at Canterbury to do a coffee and donuts trackside where we can get together, meet each other and watch horses work.  It should be a nice way to get ready for opening day and the 2017 season.


4 thoughts on “Belle Doing Well

  1. Yeesh. There isn’t that much in the condition book, especially if you eliminate the possibility of a $7500 claiming race which will likely get her claimed. Other possible races look a little over her head.

    • We may reach a little bit to get a race in and see how much she’s improved and if someone wants to overpay for her, god bless em.

      • If she can step forward a little, she will be competitive in a lot of nice races at CBY this summer.

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