Belle on Her Way “Home”

Nevada has begun the process of transferring his stable from Arkansas to Canterbury Park.  This entails not only bringing up the string he had in training there, but also adding to it some 2-year olds and Minnesota breds.  It will take a couple of round trips for him to have himself fully settled in but we’re hopeful that he’ll be settled into his barn through the weekend.  You can read more about the Litfin clan here:

Needless to say it takes an awful lot to get everyone: family, horses, help and tack all moved north.

Once Belle is here she will start galloping over the track as we look for her first race in from of the “home” crowd.  We will be looking for those first couple of weekends to really get rolling.  The level that we’ll run her at is yet to be determined, but she came back from her last effort well and hopefully will travel well.

We’re still looking in Chicago with Clay for the next purchase.  We have a lead on a private purchase but need to determine if there would be races on tap here that would fit the horse.  He could be a nice fit if the price is right.  We’ll continue to evaluate possible claims as well with, again, the intent being to be able to get started right out of the gate here at Canterbury.

We are still looking for a good date to have an informal morning get together to kick off the season.  We’re waiting for some construction to clear up and then we will be able to announce the date and details.

We’re getting close to the opener and be able to watch our horse race in person!



2 thoughts on “Belle on Her Way “Home”

  1. Certainly glad to hear that Brilliant is on her way to Canterbury. That is a great sign that summer is almost here and that the Racetrack fun is about to begin. Can’t wait to find the winner’s circle with the rest of the Club. Happy to hear that #2 horse may be in the works too with Clay.

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