Belle Recovered

Belle worked 5 furlongs in the midst of her two mile gallop this weekend and did it well in hand.  Nevada didn’t want to go too hard since she’s already in good shape and he wanted to scope her afterward to see how the cold was coming along.

As it turned out, she came back well and scoped clean as a whistle so there is no evidence of her cold at all!

Now we look for a race.  Ideally we’d be looking for a sprint with a non-winners of 3 condition on it.  That will not be this weekend but we are hopeful that we will have one next (19 & 20).  With only 16 races a week to choose from it is difficult, but we will look hard and see what we can find.

On the second horse front, you may have noticed that there haven’t been many opportunities to claim opening weekend and, so far, not much for next weekend either, but we will keep looking and see what we can find.  Buying a horse just to have a second horse is never sound strategy.  We’d like something productive, sound and, ideally, not overpay for it!  I guess if there is some upside it’s that the budget for horse two may go up a little since we budgeted for a pair of training bills in May and we only have one.

Finally, if you haven’t responded yet if you are coming to the coffee (and juice) and donuts Saturday morning, please do so below.  We don’t need to know if you are not coming, only if you plan on being there.  RSVPs will close this evening so we can let the food and beverage folks know the approximate head count.


16 thoughts on “Belle Recovered

  1. I’m pretty sure I already responded, but since I can’t find the post on my computer I thought I let you know again that my wife Roni and I will be there. Sorry I’m such a geezer that I can’t always remember everything I should.

  2. Peter and Tracy McDermott are looking forward to the gathering and will be there.
    Thanks for the ongoing information and involvement.
    Peter and Tracy.

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